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Based in Melbourne, Molly is a highly regarded teacher and mentor. 

Her teaching knowledge and philosophy of cello technique stems from the lessons and experiences she received as a student herself from some of the most well-known and respected pedagogues and professors in the United States, Britain and Germany (Irene Sharp, Laurence Lesser, Joan Dickson and Wolgang Boettcher). Her techniques involve using imagery with a unique perspective on historically informed performance as well as modern music, all the while implementing a healthy and relaxed balance of weight and energy throughout the body in order to create a beautiful, round and free sound on the instrument.

She enjoys working with students of all ages and abilities including individual cello tutoring both privately and at the Melbourne University and Queensland Conservatoriums. As well as coaching chamber music she has also lead and directed large cello ensembles and string orchestras including  the Melbourne University Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra 21 and the Southbank Players. She also tutors various youth orchestras such as the Australian Youth Orchestra, ACO Academy, and the Melbourne Youth Orchestra.

"Cellobration" - St John's Cathedral Brisbane 2019 - with students from Queensland Conservatorium of Music


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working with students from the Australian Youth Orchestra
Directing Orchestra 21 and cello 8tet
Irene Sharp                                                     
Joan Dickson
Laurence Lesser
Wolfgang Boettcher
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